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Here are some mixes I’ve made...

"Chtulucene" ambient deep listening mix for Echo of Species, 2020
with thanks to Donna J Haraway and For The Wild Podcast for sample permissions

B2B w/ Denham Audio for Cahal's show on Rinse.FM, March 2019

"Piano Drone" mix for If Only Magazine, March 2019

"Exceeded Bandwidth" mix for Avventurieri on Netil Radio, March 2019

"Deep Mind" mix for Deep Mind Music, January 2019

"Scorpio Rising" mix for Honey Soundsystem, December 2018

"Deep Dive" mix for Upperberry, October 2018

"Double Concentrate Hardcore Squash Mixer" for Sim Hutchins' CE2T show on New New World Radio, August 2018

"Drifting Consciousness at the After Party" mix for c minus, March 2018

"1000% Intake" mix for Structures from Silence, January 2018

"BAD DRe-AMz" mix for DiS Magazine, March 2017